Why US?


At the end of the day, Farm Stores sells something that no one in the world has enough of: TIME. We make life easier and more convenient for busy families and that’s something that will never go out of style. In fact, our model has been relevant for more than 60 years—and we’re just getting started.

Here are just a few of the advances we’re making to help our franchisees succeed well into the future:

  • Video Wall Marketing Technology
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Text & Email Marketing Services
  • Online Ordering & Mobile Payment
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • “Green” Technology and Best Practices
  • Fully Integrated Cloud-based POS System
  • Local Support (Area Developer)
  • National Distribution & Purchasing Power
  • Upgraded Equipment for Fast, Quality Production

As our customers’ needs continue to evolve, so too will we. You can guarantee that if something comes along that makes our process easier or more efficient, we will make the investment. In fact, that’s one of the great things about being a Farm Stores franchisee: you have a built-in R&D department working for you year-round.

What Else Can You Expect As A Farm Stores Franchisee?

If you picture your daily life in one, five, even 10 years from now, what do you want to see?

Can you imagine owning a business that’s as fun as it is fulfilling? Do you want to be known as a leader in your community, providing an invaluable service to friends, family and neighbors? Do you like the idea of fostering a new generation of young workers, instilling in them a valuable work ethic? Most of all, as your own boss, don’t you want to do something you can feel great about each and every day?

Our past is full of nostalgia, but our future is full of promise. Find out what we’re looking for in our ideal franchisee candidates.

How Does Your Vision Compare to Ours?

We will open a new drive-thru “Express Market” in every neighborhood of every city to meet the demands of today’s world – fast service, quality products and a safe environment – while retaining the high standards of yesterday’s corner grocer – fresh products, friendly employees, and a fun place where talented people will want to work and families will want to shop

Always Fast. Always Fresh. Always Friendly.

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