Top 10 things to love about Farm Stores

  • Farm Stores is part of a growing $700-billion industry.

  • A hybrid of grocery store, bakery and restaurant – Farm Stores is 100% unique.

  • 80% of Farm Stores customers are repeat customers, returning to the store at least once weekly!

  • Farm Stores sells the grocery and foodservice items that consumers purchase most frequently and delivers them in the most convenient way possible – via small, drive-thru locations.

  • Our extremely efficient business model has low operating costs and requires few employees.

  • Spending years operating 70+ units in Florida, we have perfected all aspects of business operations.

  • Not a traditional convenience store, we view ourselves as a convenient store – and we’re the last stop for busy families on-the-go and on the way home.

  • Since 1957, Farm Stores is the largest and oldest drive-thru grocery store in America.

  • We have great locations available and multi-unit growth potential.

  • Nationwide Area Developer opportunities are available now.

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Why Explore A Farm Stores Franchise?

Even if you didn’t grow up loving the iconic Farm Stores brand, we’ll show you how much there is to love about the ground-floor Farm Stores franchise opportunity. We say “ground-floor” because although Farm Stores has been around since 1957, this is the first time the franchise opportunity is being offered. In other words, your timing is fantastic!

If you’re intrigued by the customer loyalty, brand recognition, quality and convenience of this ground-floor franchise opportunity, let us tell you more about what makes our franchise different.

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